For years I have dedicated myself to the suffering of the people.

To try to find and make people find the road, the hope and the meaning.

When I came across the Enneagram, I was excited. (Almost the way all my paths start)

I felt also disoriented. (Also as most of my roads continue)

But I finally I steadied myself.

Almost by chance and without trying I was traveling the roads of the course that still involves me with its questions and its healing effects.

I always wondered, what made it useful.

It is a map. I replied. It is inclusive. It is peacemaker. It's a way to feel invited (convened) and at the same time involved. It's a way to realize that we all fit in this world and learn from each other. It is what calls us from within ourselves, endlessly searched but hardly found.      

This is how I began to dedicate myself to work for the growth and not just for the suffering. If we become aware of our wholeness, perhaps we will stop suffering on account of our partiality.

In my years of clinical and judicial therapist, I have seen so much suffering and destruction, the despair and the emptiness. Still, I  never fell down to the point of not believing that life opens us,  suggests us, hints us, encourages us, threat us, excites us, and challenges us.

So many times I fought the resignation of one who saw no way out of trouble! The only thing I could not allow to let his arms down. I myself did not fall even when tempted to.

The Enneagram came just on time. It was not so much for me at that time; but it was for those who consulted me. Perhaps not so aware to them of what they received. But yes, I was aware that I was encouraging them to find the best of themselves. Thus, the Enneagram has become the tool that thrills me to spread it  as vitamin to the soul. And I would refer to a historical idea of the human psyche as psuche, which means soul in Greek. The psyche is the soul, what gives us meaning. What humans look for and unfortunately, sometimes lose. What confuses us but at the same time, orients us. What gives us the sense of being ourselves.   That is it. It's about being ourselves in a shared community. How hard, but what an adventure!

Today, the Enneagram, allows me to get close softly, to raise awareness kindly, and it also allows me to press firmly. "Push what? To find in us what is still not found. ,                                                            

Everything is inside. The Enneagram is not a system of differences; it is a system of potentialities. Some embody them more relevantly. Others appeal to them, as the circumstances require, or realize that life has not given them the opportunity to deploy them.

Life is in charge of making us learn what we need.

Between birth and death, life is time,

It depends on us the aesthetics of its compasses.

The Enneagram taught me that in addition to my own, there are many melodies that resonate within me.

My head for philosophy and science

My heart for my husband and my children

My body for dance and movement.


                                                                                                       Viviana Trucco