Conferencia La Geometría de Mis Identificaciones en el Eneagrama


IEA Conference 2010 San Francisco

The Geometry of My Enneagram Identifications

Viviana Trucco IEA Professional Member 5045
Psicologist, Therapist, Enneagram Teacher and Researcher in Argentina

The Geometry of My Enneagram Identifications is a method that turns the Enneagram of Personality into a computerized tool that allows the recognition of the personal profile within the prototype profile. It is thought as a way of testing the theoretical concepts that support it and, at the same time as a dynamizer (activator) of the subjective conscience. It identifies those aspects shared by people of the same type in the prototype profile as well as our own combination in a personalized diagram. It is expected that the person find him/herself in the prototype, immerse in it and be nurtured in all the richness that the traditional Enneagram provides. However, to prevent from falling into a stereotype, once the person has found himself/herself in the system, it is necessary that the system work for him/her and allow him/her to understand the sediment of what self history has left in his/her own personality to give a new destination of what has been discovered.

Life is time; the aesthetic of its compasses depends on us.
The own biography spaced over the geometry of the symbol allows its effects to be reoriented.

Method Construction Stages

The method construction process has led to several stages of research

In clinical areas with patients within an individual therapy .

Comparison of personality structure in clinical area in a continuum identified as traits, and disorders belonging to DSMIV (Manual of Mental Disorders) and the matching with the dominant pattern in the Enneagram System. The nine dominant Enneagram patterns have been correlated with psychological instruments within the clinical area as MCMIIII Millon Inventory, of Early Maladaptative Schema, Jeffry Young.

In personal growth workshops.

Dominant Enneagram pattern Identification. Enneagram type Immersion. Measuring instruments testing. Relative incidence of pure and combined identifications. Concept construction: Subjective index of pure and combined identifications.

Enneagram computerized tool construction:

Graphics and diagrams that allow the qualitative visualization of levels of development in the pure and combined identifications that generates a prototype profile and a personal profile. TEGMI.1 (Trucco Enneagram Geometry My Identifications)

Testing the method as theoretical research instrument as well as a conscience dynamizer.

The Geometry of My Enneagram Identifications is proposed as a symptoms prevention method, which through a computerized tool TEGMI.1 generates a personalized design of our Identifications in the Enneagram. It allows the comprehension of fundamental issues in the development of our personality. We can find positive and negative aspects portraying the complex building of our structure spread all over the system. The mirroring within any of the prototype Enneatipes as within its combinations produces an insight of resources and potentialities as well as limitations, disturbances and malfunctioning. Therefore it is also useful as a symptom detector. In this case the simple insight would not be enough and psychotherapy would be required.