About Me


  • Philosophy professor Gold Medal UCA 1977
  • Psychologist Licence 22.815 UBA 1983.
  • IEA International Enneagram Association. Professional Member Nº:5045
  •  IEA Accredited Teacher /Professional 201172019. Enneagram Learning International Professional Use Certificate


Psychoanalysis, cognitive, systemic approaches. Specialized in Anxiety disturbance and trauma.

EMDRIA Latin-American Professional member.

Trained in Advanced therapies:

  1. EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Institute In. Certificate of Completion F. Shapiro)
  2. TIC.
  3. EFT Emotional Freedom Teniques, Alkymie
  4. BrainSpotting Certificate of Completion David Grand


RESEARCHER of CONICET(Scientific and Technical Council Researches)


18 years Research and Clinical applications with patients, and sudents.


Enneagram and Psychology workshop 6000 hours teaching and training Enneagram and Psychology workshops, and Certificated professional trainjngs


Enneagram and Personality disorders.


the method "The Geometry of my Enneagram Identifications"

the computatized tool TEGMI 1 Copyright Exp:830123/March 2010.

the model TEGMI 9D (dimensions) to work personal complexity

the Certificate Program TEGMI 9D for professional use



  • Enneagram and Pathology Enneatypes and diagnoses DSMIV Manual IEA Argentina Buenos Aires 2009
  • The Geometry of my Enneagram Identifications IEA Argentina Buenos Aires 2010
  • IEA Conference San Francisco 2010 "The Geometry of my Enneagram Identifications"
  • IEA Conference Fort Lauderdale 2011 "The Geometry of my Personal Complexity"
  • IEA Aeneagrama Madrid 2012 "Eneagram: vitamin of the soul, TEGMI 9D model"
  • IEA Santiago de Chile 2012 "Discovering Egos in the 9 Dimensions"
  • IEA Lisbon Portugal 2014  "9Types in a Map 9 Maps for each Type"
  • IEA Buenos Aires Argentina 2015 " The 9 Maps of My Personal  Complexity"
  • The Nine Maps of My Personal  Complexity Argentina Cordoba 2016
  • IEA Helsinski Finland 2017 "Powerful conversations to boost transformation in 9 dimensions of our Personal Complexity" to take place in September.
  • IEA Regional Conference Mendoza 2017, Argentina. "Childhood roots of My type and My Enneagram Complexity"
  • IEA Netherlands Conference 2018 "Desonstructing Egofixations beyond the own Type for the wisdom of the True to manifest"
  • IEA Lisbon Portugal 2019. a) "Boosting transformation, beyond Ego Type fixation, by exploring and working on our Personal Complexity, through the dimensions of our Polarity flows and Symmetry layers" 1,30Hs session translated to portuguese.b) Learning powerful self inquiring to explore the unconscious emotional backrounds of the Affective Triangles  with in our personal Complexity trough the Tegmi 9D Model" 20 minutes session only in english.


Work team analysis GREENPEACE ARGENTINA. Real Planning Inssurance Company.

Enneagram & Sales Insurance Real Planning Corporation

Team building training program