IEA Conference 2011

The Enneagram is a system that concentrates much wisdom and has many entrances to understand the human condition. Everyone can feel summoned from various motivations to start traversing it. There is a vast literature to understand the 9 models. (IEA International Enneagram Association) One should begin by mirroring oneself in any of the 9 models, but once the person has found him/herself in the system, not to become a stereotype, one must understand him/herself own complexity.

That is the intention of the TEGMI, that you understand Your Complexity.

The TEGMI is a computerized tool that generates a personalized design of identifications in the Enneagram. The first step is to understand that the highest score obtained places you in one of the 9 types or models of the system. At the same time, the TEGMI (where many theoretical contributions converge) is designed to measure positive, medium and negative aspects in each of the models and in their combinations. This is reflected in the geometric design in 9 personalized diagrams that give name to the method "Geometry of my Enneagram Identifications". The color varies according to intensity; the type of line varies according to quality within dominant identifications in each diagram.

Once you found yourself in the Enneagram system is important for you to internalize the description of the 9 personality types. It is necessary to dive into the system and understand the depth of one’s own Enneatype.

But as no one exhausts the model in which is mirrored, the TEGMI is a tool that allows the system work for you to personalize it. So you begin to understand your complexities. This means that you can visualize aspects slightly developed or unbalanced aspects. Thus, you can reorient automatic responses that sometimes are not restricted to the dominant Enneatype.

If you are a fan of the Enneagram willing to find yourself in the TEGMI you became a self-seeker with an open mind, that is to say, it is very likely that, in addition to finding many answers, new questions will also open for you in addition to:
                      What model did I identify predominantly?
You may ask:
What other types, besides the dominant, do I identify myself with?
Do the combined identifications in my Dominant Personal Profile match the Prototype Profile?
What aspects of my psychological complexity should I consider for my transformation work beyond my automatic processing prototype?
How do the positive, medium and negative aspects play in the balance of my pure and combined identifications?
What makes us different even sharing the same Type?
Our combinations
The method "The Geometry of my Enneagram Identifications” personalizes the strength of the symbol to make the system work for
The TEGMI is a dynamizer of the consciousness of the Identification. Aims to extend the Self Observer and convert you in an Enthusiast in seeking the best of yourself and deliver it to the world. If we all did the same thing, we would achieve the change of consciousness that all of us who approach to the Enneagram, aspire.